Wildlife Management

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Wildlife Management

Advanced IPM Offers Safe Methods for Wildlife Management & Removal

From squirrels to snakes, dealing with unwanted wildlife on your property is difficult. You don’t want to hurt an innocent animal, but you don’t want to put up with destruction of property or an unsafe situation, either. That’s why if you’ve got nuisance animals inside or outside of your home, Advanced Integrated Pest Management is here to help.

At Advanced IPM, we proudly offer wildlife management to get animals off your property and keep them away for good. Because we specialize in integrated pest management, our technicians focus on methods like exclusion, which is designed to mitigate factors that may have drawn wildlife to your property in the first place. Backed by 40 years of experience, our technicians have a reputation for getting the job done right, no matter how big or small it is. And because we offer free inspections, it is always a good idea to contact Advanced IPM about wildlife management.

Call our wildlife removal experts today at 916-786-2404.

Humane Wildlife Management

When you hire Advanced IPM, you will receive service from a team with the expertise to humanely trap wildlife before it can cause extensive damage. We are licensed by the California Department of Fish and Game to humanely trap all small nuisance animals, such as raccoons, skunks, squirrels, and opossums. These animals may enter attics for warmth and safety when it gets cold out, establishing a home and making nests to raise their litters. Once inside, they can cause havoc scratching and chewing; damaging electrical wires, ductwork, plumbing, and leaving other structural damage. Your health can also be at risk with insulation soiled from feces and the strong possibility of rabies.

Meanwhile, there is also the harm nuisance animals can do to your exterior property. Birds and rabbits may damage ornamental structures or plants. Raccoons can leave damage on your roof. Burrowing rodents will quickly tear up your yard. Fortunately, for all these animals and more, our team at Advanced IPM offers humane and effective solutions.

When you hire Advanced IPM for wildlife management, you get:

  • Humane live animal trapping
  • Dead animal removal
  • Nest clearing
  • Wildlife damage inspection
  • Wildlife preventative maintenance
  • Wildlife removal from attics, porches, roofing, and under floors

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For Advanced IPM, pest and wildlife control is more than a profession, it’s a calling. For four decades, we have established a “service over self” mentality, meaning we put the needs of local homeowners and communities first. We take pride in providing residential and commercial customers with safe, effective, and long-term solutions for pest and wildlife problems. While many companies do not even offer pest and wildlife control, as they are technically different specialties, our business is one of the rare few that does it all. And with cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly options that protect people and the planet, it doesn’t get more advanced in this industry than Advanced IPM.

For more information on our business, call 916-786-2404, or contact us online to request wildlife control today.

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Reliable, Professional and Honest. I have been using Roseville Termite and Pest Control (Advanced Integrated Pest Management) for over 20 years.”

Pamela P. Coldwell Banker

We have had Advanced IPM as subcontractors for more than a decade. Advanced IPM is providing a good service, and also offers solution to prevent and eliminate any future infestations/pest issue.

Teodora C. ISS Facility Services

They are the best! They’ve always been there for our family, and they’ll be there for yours.”

Roger and Debra L. Home Owner

I look forward to a long relationship with Advanced. You guys do an amazing job and I am happy with the job Joey does for this property. I get nothing but compliments from the team members that Joey interacts with.

Michael K. from Thunder Valley Resort

I highly recommend Advanced Integrated Pest Management.They have taken care of infestations of rodents, ants, roaches, birds, bats and most recently bees.

Lesli Q. GSD – Facilities Division

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