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From shopping at the Fountains to picnicking at Maidu Park, Roseville, CA features plenty to do on the outskirts of Sacramento. But the last thing Roseville residents want to do is deal with pests. Fortunately, if you’ve got a pest problem, Advanced Integrated Pest Management is at your service. Call today for residential and commercial pest control in Roseville designed to suit your specific needs.

We Know All About Pest Control in Roseville

Our talented and knowledgeable team of pest control experts can identify the problem and execute the solution. We have a wide breadth of methods that are both effective and safe for your home, family, and business.

Some of the most common pests we handle in Roseville include:

Don’t deal with pest control in Roseville, CA alone! Contact us today! Advanced IPM is available by phone at 916-587-4722.

Get Quality Termite & Pest Control in Roseville, CA

As a nationally recognized “Top 100” firm, Advanced IPM is your top choice for long-term relief from a full range of pests. Our treatments stop insects and rodents at the source, and our preventative strategies keep them from returning.

Roseville Termites

We also deal with termites – a unique category of pests unto themselves – and provide wildlife control for nuisance animals, too. It’s all in our integrated pest management (IPM) approach. At Advanced IPM, we effectively eliminate infestations, while making your home or business safer for the future.

Signs You Need Pest Control Services

Dealing with pests in your home is never a fun time. While some pests can be harmful to your health, others can damage your home. Getting rid of these pesky pests can be quite the task, our team at Advanced integrated Pest Management is here to help you and your household.

Below we have 3 signs to look for in order to know if you need professional Roseville pest control services:

  • 1. Scratching Noises Hearing any sort of rustling or scratching noises coming from inside of your home’s walls or up in your home’s attic is a pretty clear sign that you need professional pest control to help remove the problem.
  • 2. Property Damage A bad sign that you’re in need of pest control in Roseville is when you notice that your property is being damage by either rodents gnawing on your patio deck or it’s termites that have infested the underside of your home’s roof awnings. Contact us today!
  • 3. Discover Droppings If you have noticed droppings or urine spots in your home, it’s probably due to a pest that has infiltrated your home. Hiring our expert pest control specialists we will find the problem and remove it.

Common Household Pests in Roseville

Roseville, California is an area with a large variety of pests that can affect homes. The most common types of pests to be found in the area are ants, rodent species, stinging insects, and elusive creatures such as raccoons.

With these pests come many dangers in terms of health and property damage. To prevent these risks from becoming major issues for homeowners in Roseville, professional rodent control is paramount – finding signs of a rodent infestation, setting up traps or baits in attics and crawlspaces to remove rodent populations before they have time to breed as well as sealing any potential entry points are recommended.

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Reliable, Professional and Honest. I have been using Roseville Termite and Pest Control (Advanced Integrated Pest Management) for over 20 years.”

Pamela P. Coldwell Banker

We have had Advanced IPM as subcontractors for more than a decade. Advanced IPM is providing a good service, and also offers solution to prevent and eliminate any future infestations/pest issue.

Teodora C. ISS Facility Services

They are the best! They’ve always been there for our family, and they’ll be there for yours.”

Roger and Debra L. Home Owner

I look forward to a long relationship with Advanced. You guys do an amazing job and I am happy with the job Joey does for this property. I get nothing but compliments from the team members that Joey interacts with.

Michael K. from Thunder Valley Resort

I highly recommend Advanced Integrated Pest Management.They have taken care of infestations of rodents, ants, roaches, birds, bats and most recently bees.

Lesli Q. GSD – Facilities Division

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