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Bat Control & Removal

Utilizing Safe & Humane Removal Techniques to Clear Your Property of Bats

Bats pose a unique challenge in California and Nevada due to the strict regulations surrounding the protected status of some species. When dealing with bat issues in or around your home or business, it is important to consult a licensed professional technician to make sure the issue is being addressed properly and humanely.

Our bat removal strategies allow us to approach each unique bat problem with the expertise needed. Our licensed professionals understand the bat life cycle (please see chart below) and the right approach for each issue.

We offer the following bat removal services:

  • No-charge, on-site evaluation to determine extent of issue
  • Initial exclusions to allow bats to exit
  • Dropping and pheromone cleanup
  • Final exclusion to humanely prevent bats from reentering

What Is Humane Bat Removal?

Humane bat removal strategies are safe, ecological, and work in accordance with local and federal regulations. Bats are important to the ecosystem and play a vital role in controlling pests. They consume large quantities of insects, including many that are harmful to humans and plants. In addition, bats help to pollinate plants and disperse seeds. As a result, they are often considered to be a protected species.

Common humane bat removal strategies include the use of exclusion devices like netting or one-way doors or valves, which allow bats to exit a home or building but prevent them from re-entering. Exclusion devices should be used in conjunction with other methods, such as sealing any cracks or gaps where bats can enter.

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How Do Bats Get Inside a Structure?

Bats can enter a structure through holes as small as a nickel. Most commonly, bats get into roof or attic spaces through vents, but they will also fly in through chimneys or windows. They can even squeeze through small construction holes, gaps in siding and around window and door frames. If you live in a bat-heavy area, screening windows and doors is advised, especially if you like to leave them open.

Do Bats Pose Health Risks?

While bats are important for the ecosystem, they can pose health risks to humans. Exposure to bats or their guano (droppings) can pose many health risks, including but not limited to Histoplasmosis and Rabies. Although not aggressive in nature, some bats will bite if they feel threatened. Guano can be harmful if inhaled, and it can also contaminate food and water sources. Bats can bring ectoparasites, fleas or mites, indoors, which can cause skin irritation and potentially transmit other diseases. Their high-pitched calls can even be disruptive to sleep and cause hearing loss.

Can a Bat Infestation Cause Property Damage?

Bat guano can accumulate over time leading to significant, costly damage. Their guano and urine can also stain interior and exterior walls. Insulation damage is common for bat infestations in attic spaces. Due to the health risks, damaged property often needs to be stripped or replaced to avoid potential disease transmission.

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