Pest Identification – Bed Bugs

As common as they are, bed bugs have coined a figure of speech that can be heard nightly in homes across California and the rest of the country. Like mosquitoes, bed bugs feed exclusively on blood, preferring human blood. It’s no wonder they’ve become a key component of our bedtime dialogue.

Bed Bugs Travel Well

Bed bugs are quite small, measuring less than a quarter of an inch as a full-grown adult. If you’ve ever wondered why sheets in hotels are always a crisp white, it’s because any reddish-brown bed bugs will be easier to spot. Despite this precaution, bed bugs can often be overlooked. They are rarely active during the day, and prefer to feed while you sleep.

As resilient as bed bugs are, they aren’t exclusively found in beds. They can hide in carpet, furniture, and the clothes in your suitcase. Because of this, they can travel virtually anywhere – which is why it’s so important to eliminate them in the first place.

Similar to ants, bed bugs use pheromones to communicate within a nest; however, a group can easily break off and form their own nest once settled in your home. Fertilized females can continually lay three to four eggs each day until the end of their lifetimes, or about 9 months. This rapid reproduction cycle means that a single bed bug can result in a full infestation within a matter of weeks. That’s why Advanced IPM’s bed bug extermination services always include a follow-up inspection to check for effectiveness.

“Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite”

As a result of their parasitic nature, bed bug bites leave red sores that are typically itchy and positioned in a line. Other than the discomfort their bites cause, bed bugs can also relay arboviruses, or infections like West Nile virus and other insect-distributed diseases.

Bed bugs are primarily attracted to feed by carbon dioxide emissions, which means they can determine when you’re sleeping by detecting your heavy exhalations. They also rely on warmth and other chemicals to find a host.

Say Goodnight to Bed Bugs with Advanced IPM

Known for their evasive lifestyle, bed bugs are hard to detect and completely eradicate. In the 1940s, bed bugs had become nearly obsolete; however, they have had a resurgence since the 1980s due to pesticide resistance. As bed bugs adapt to extermination measures, it’s vitally important that bed bug control experts manage any outbreaks you may be suffering from.

With tried-and-true bed bug solutions like heat treatments, targeted fumigations, and follow-up services, consider Advanced IPM as your experienced bed bug experts. Whether you’re a homeowner or run your own business in California or Nevada, don’t wait until bed bugs get out of hand – contact us today.