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There are many fascinating insects out there, and sometimes when we find one in our house, we are not even mad. But no matter how you feel about bugs in general, pretty much no one likes cockroaches. These nasty critters are incredibly resilient, are drawn to any available waste and food, and are extremely hard to get rid of once you’ve got an infestation on your hands.

The good news is that with Advanced Integrated Pest Management, you can now get rid of cockroaches as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our team offers expert cockroach control designed to not only stop current infestations but prevent them from reoccurring in the future. Backed by 40 years of experience, we emphasize a service over self mentality. That means we strive to form strong relationships with those we serve, and are always working hard to improve the lives of homeowners in our community. With a great reputation across California and parts of Nevada, you already know we have what it takes to get the job done right. Plus we offer free inspections, so it never hurts to call Advanced IPM today!

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Signs of a Cockroach Infestation

If there’s one thing we will emphasize again and again when it comes to cockroach control, it’s cleanliness, cleanliness, cleanliness. As we mentioned above, cockroaches are drawn to filth and waste, and they will flock to anywhere they can find food. That means it is extremely important to keep your kitchen and bathroom as clean as possible in order to avoid an infestation. Make sure to take out the trash regularly, put away snacks and leftovers in sealed containers, don’t leave any food out for too long, and clean up crumbs and spills promptly.

You may be dealing with a cockroach infestation if:

  • You have noticed cockroaches in or around your home
  • You have spotted dark droppings in cabinets or drawers
  • You have detected an unpleasant, musty smell in the air
  • You have found smear marks along your walls
  • You have located small brown cockroach eggs anywhere in your home
  • You have seen dead cockroach skins lying around
  • You have witnessed a cockroach crawl in or out of a drain
  • You have got bite marks on food packaging or other paper items

When you call Advanced IPM to deal with a cockroach problem, we will use methods that are not harmful to your children, pets, or anyone else on your property. We care about the environment, and we are committed to using non-toxic, eco-friendly pest control methods that are safe for you and for the planet. Because we specialize in Integrated Pest Management, we will also look for ways to ensure your cockroach problem does not return in the future. After the problem has been dealt with, we will seal off possible entryways for cockroaches in your home, and find other ways to reduce the elements that are drawing cockroaches to your property.

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At Advanced IPM, you can count on us to keep working until your cockroach problem or other pest infestation is completely solved. Our goal is to make scheduling as easy as possible, and if you do experience an influx of pests between a regularly scheduled visit, we will return to take care of the issue free of charge. We’re also transparent when it comes to pricing, and make it a priority to set rates that everyone can afford. And when you refer a friend to our experts at Advanced IPM, your next maintenance visit from a technician will be free!

To learn more about the Advanced IPM difference, call 916-786-2404now, or send us a message online.

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Reliable, Professional and Honest. I have been using Roseville Termite and Pest Control (Advanced Integrated Pest Management) for over 20 years.”

Pamela P. Coldwell Banker

We have had Advanced IPM as subcontractors for more than a decade. Advanced IPM is providing a good service, and also offers solution to prevent and eliminate any future infestations/pest issue.

Teodora C. ISS Facility Services

They are the best! They’ve always been there for our family, and they’ll be there for yours.”

Roger and Debra L. Home Owner

I look forward to a long relationship with Advanced. You guys do an amazing job and I am happy with the job Joey does for this property. I get nothing but compliments from the team members that Joey interacts with.

Michael K. from Thunder Valley Resort

I highly recommend Advanced Integrated Pest Management.They have taken care of infestations of rodents, ants, roaches, birds, bats and most recently bees.

Lesli Q. GSD – Facilities Division

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