Commercial Pest Control for Retail Stores


Your stores are a prime target for pest infestations. Pests can carry disease, damage merchandise and facilities, and place the health and safety of your employees and customers at risk. Additionally, sightings or evidence of pests by your customers, outside inspectors or employees can damage the reputation you work so hard to maintain.

With responsibility for managing multiple locations, you need options when it comes to pest management solutions. That’s why Advanced IPM created our Retail Program. This program allows you to zero in on your target for simple, effective solutions to all your pest problems in all your locations.

Advanced IPM’s Retail Program

Advanced IPM’s Retail Program is fully customizable to fit your unique needs. In addition to providing protection from ants, cockroaches, and rodents, it includes optional stored product pest and bed bug management programs.

We work closely with you to design a program that fits your needs, providing the pest protection and personal account management you require, while staying within your budget.

Our Retail Program is designed to:

  • Minimize your concerns related to pests and the problems they cause.
  • Provide your facilities with a sophisticated pest management program, delivered with passion.
  • Contribute to the success of your environmental initiatives through a true IPM program.
  • Support your goals to be competitive and profitable with a pest-free environment.
  • Protect your reputation and brand.

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