Commodity Fumigation

For over three decades, Advanced IPM has provided comprehensive pest control solutions to homeowners and businesses all across California and Nevada – including commodity fumigation services. Similar to residential and commercial fumigation, commodity fumigation is a specialized pest control treatment that keeps harmful pests from contaminating your business’s shipped or stored commodities.

From agricultural goods stored in silos to raw materials shipped overseas in containers, our commodity fumigation protects your investments from the extensive damage that stored product pests – such as granary weevils, Indian meal moths, cigarette beetles, or saw-toothed grain beetles – can create, ultimately saving your business time, money, and from the potential of extensive loss.

Commodity fumigation services can be utilized for:

  • Shipping containers
  • Rail cars
  • Silos
  • Truck trailers
  • Warehouses & distribution centers
  • Food processing structures
  • Raw commodity piles
  • Imported & exported commodities

Under compliance with all United States regulatory agencies – including the USDA, FDA, and US Customs – our certified technicians at Advanced IPM can protect your international imports, exports, or in-house commodities with fumigation services that provide results.

Commodities That Attract Stored Product Pests

Food commodities – whether shipped or stored – are primary sources for stored pest products to infiltrate.

Common food commodities that stored product pests might go after include:

  • Bread
  • Flour
  • Meal
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Spices
  • Dried fruits
  • Dried dog food
  • Dried meats
  • Tobacco
  • Seeds & nuts

Stored product pests commonly infest whole grains and processed foods that aren’t sealed properly or are openly exposed, contaminating your valuable supply and costing you thousands of dollars in wasted goods.

Commodity Fumigation Services with Advanced IPM

Here at Advanced IPM, our certified pest control technicians can prevent stored product pests from contaminating your goods with our commodity fumigation treatment. During fumigation, our team starts by measuring the volume of space in your container or area, then calculating exactly how much fumigant will be required to provide adequate concentration levels. Once the entire area has been surveyed, your space will then be sealed as tightly as possible, as maintaining proper concentration levels for the required amount of time is imperative to killing any present stored product pests.

After the structure is completely sealed, our specially formulated fumigants are released under the careful watch of our technicians, penetrating through your commodities – as well as into any cracks, crevices, or other difficult-to-reach pest harborage areas – and eliminating all unwanted pests while protecting your valuable goods.

Keep Your Products Contaminate-Free with Commodity Fumigation Services

With commodity fumigation services from Advanced IPM, you can ensure your goods stay pest-free while they’re being stored or shipped – no matter if they’re at an on-site location or a port of entry. If you’re worried your commodities have been infested by stored product pests, or you simply want to maintain quality assurance for your products after they’ve traveled internationally, don’t hesitate to schedule your no-charge commodity fumigation evaluation today!