Commercial Pest Control for Multi-Unit Housing & Apartments

Multi Unit Housing

Multi-Unit Housing and Apartments face enormous challenges in providing a clean, safe and healthy environment for tenants. Pest control is a mission critical service that can affect tenant satisfaction, regulatory compliance, and building profitability.

Pest issues left unresolved can carry and spread disease putting tenants – and your reputation – at risk. Some pests can even destroy or seriously damage buildings, leading to expensive repairs.

These issues can lead to serious consequences. Some pests, such as bed bugs, spread quickly from one unit to the next, some cause structural damage, while others, such as cockroaches, rats, and mice can cause even greater headaches!

At Advanced IPM, we take pride in delivering comprehensive pest control services that are specifically designed for multi-unit housing and as a full service solution company; we provide a variety of commercial pest control services and bed bug services to meet your company’s varied pest control needs.

Multi-Unit Housing and Apartment Services

  • Integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Bed bug detection and elimination
  • Green/LEED programs
  • Bird control and management
  • Rodents and other harmful pests
  • Cockroaches, ants and other insects
  • Pest and sanitation consulting

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