Fall is just around the corner! Is your home or business prepared to fend off seasonal pests? As the weather cools down and moisture creeps into the air, spiders and wildlife will naturally begin to seek shelter. Unfortunately this could mean unwanted guests in your space. In today’s blog post we will review 5 quick tips to help prevent pests this fall.


1. Mind the Gap
Most pests make their way inside through small and difficult to find entry points. This could mean soffit openings, poorly weather-stripped windows, gaps in siding, or torn screens. Take a trip around the exterior of the structure and note any and all areas where a bug could invade. If you are not sure which sealing method is best, always consult a professional. Our technicians are skilled at finding and sealing such problem areas.

2. Tidy Up
Rodents and roaches love a dirty environment, so be sure not to provide them with one! Now is a good time to clean out areas that have been neglected like attics, garages, sheds, and other storage areas. Moisture, dirt, and dust can easily build up in places like these and can really draw in destructive pests. Firewood should also be kept away from the foundation (at least 20 feet), and pet food and garbage kept outside in tightly sealed containers. 


3. Eliminate Moisture
Too much moisture in or around the home is a beacon to certain pests, cockroaches included. Check all drains and pipes for leakage or clogs. Evaluate the foundation outside for areas of concern, being sure to trim overgrown bushes which can gather moisture. If there are plants near the foundation, it is important to keep and eye on the moisture content of the soil, turning it when needed. This is especially important if wood siding or windows are low to the ground. Raking the lawn of leaves and other debris regularly will also help keep moisture under control. 

4. Decorate with Caution
With Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the corner you may be pulling some decorations out of storage. Before hanging that spooky décor indoors, be sure to check any and all holiday decorations for pests that may have made their way into storage areas. You may even want to unpack your decorations in a clean outside area, shaking off items before bringing them indoors.


5. Be Proactive
We like to tell our valued customers the best pest control method is to be proactive. Establishing a regular pest control program is the best way to ensure a pest-free fall and protect your home or business from unwanted visitors. Our technicians are trained and licensed professionals who understand that attention to detail is essential in this process. 

Not sure a pest control program is right for you? Give us a call! Our friendly team members are ready to answer your questions and even set up a no-charge inspection with one of our licensed techs.