Weed Control & Tree, Shrub Maintenance

Weed Tree Shrub

Every year fire consumes more than 700 homes and causes over $170 million in damage. Defensible space is a crucial component to keep your property protected.


Why is weed control important?

  • Weeds are fuel for fires.
  • Weeds are unsightly and can lower property value.
  • Weeds rob nutrients from your landscape.
  • Weeds release allergy-causing pollens.
  • Weeds provide harborage for rodents and insects.
  • Weeds hide safety hazards.
  • Weeds can interrupt proper drainage.

Services Offered Commercial

  • Residential
  • Industrial
  • Firebreaks
  • Right-of-Way
  • Star Thistle
  • Poison Oak
  • Pre and Post Emergent

Tree, Shrub, and Lawn Care

With the right soil, weather, and watering schedule, vegetation can withstand most pests and diseases. Nature can be damaging – and often weakens these vital soil nutrients. Eventually, these conditions cause damage to the decorative trees, shrubs, and turf that add beauty and value to your home.

The solution, experts agree, is prevention. Knowing what insecticides, fungicides, and fertilizers to use, how much to use, and how often can be complicated. Instead, trust Advanced Integrated Pest Management to know exactly how much is right for your property.

Additional Services: Tree Injections, Dormant Oil Treatments, Oak Worm Treatments, Anthracnose Treatments