San Diego Termite Control

While all pests pose their own individual risks to San Diego residents and business owners, termites are some of the worst pests you can have at your property. That’s because termites can quickly cause structural damage thanks to their wood diet — and are destructive enough to almost completely ruin a home from the inside out of left unchecked.

Unfortunately, San Diego is particularly susceptible to termite infestations. The area is part of the highest risk region in the federal government’s Termite Inspection Protocol zone classification. But you don’t have to go it alone, because Advanced IPM is here to offer termite control for both homes and businesses alike.

San Diego Termite Inspection and Treatment

When you call Advanced IPM, the first thing we’ll do is inspect your property for the extent of the damage and type of termite that’s bugging you. San Diego suffers from drywood termites, Formosan termites, and subterranean termites alike, and all three have distinguishing features and behaviors. Each inspection consists of a full interior and exterior inspection.

Once we inspect your property, our experienced and licensed technicians will treat your property from termites. We’ll make however many trips we need to in order to clear your property of termites. Additionally, we’re committed to addressing the root cause of your termite problem so that termites don’t return.

When we’re complete with our termite inspection, we’ll provide a termite inspection report. Per the State of California, each termite inspection report is valid for 4 months.

Termite Protection Program

Our Advanced Termite Protection, ATP, is a targeted solution for one of the most destructive issues for your home will face, termites. After a thorough inspection, our inspectors will provide you with a detailed report and go over any and all options to ensure your home is termite-free and protected for the long run. Next time you get termites let it be our problem, not yours!

Termite and Pest Control Near You

As one of the top termite control companies in San Diego, Advanced IPM has the experience and track record to get rid of pesky termites and help ensure that they don’t come back. Whether you’ve got termites in your home or are lining up a termite inspection before selling your property, you can trust Advanced IPM to provide affordable termite control in San Diego and surrounding areas in California and Nevada.

Worried about termites? You at least don’t have to be worried about your pest control company–contact Advanced IPM and schedule your termite inspection today.