Bee Removal

Bees are one of the most commonly found household pests that nest in gardens and structural voids. Bees come in swarms to make their hives in households and nearby areas. Bee hives are the structures made with natural wax where bees produce and store their honey. Trees and plants in gardens attached to home, walls, chimneys and other kinds of structural voids are the perfect nesting grounds for swarms of bees. These areas present them the optimum environment to set up their hive. However small or insignificant they look, the proven truth is that they can cause significant amounts of structural damage, and need to be removed immediately. In Northern CA, the bee problem has been on the rise of late, prompting many families to opt for professional bee removal services such as Advanced IPM Bee Hive Removal. Let us discuss bee removal in more detail and find out some of the intricacies involved.

Bee Control

What is Bee Swarm?

Bees replicate their colonies by swarming. In existing colonies, the queen and some of the worker bees set off for a new destination after a period of time, to set up a new hive. Once they have found an ideal place, the bee swarm migrates to that area and starts off with forming the new hive. Usually, any kind of warmer cavity or sheltered area above ground is a good candidate for the location of the bee hive. Usual places are inside or along walls, chimneys, sheds, fences, trees and shrubs and other semi-shielded areas. During the process of bee hive removal, care should be taken to note the advancement of the hive, how many days the bees have spent populating it and the amount of the honey and beeswax that can be inside the hive.

Bee Removal

Damage and Behavior

While swarms of bees while migrating are mostly docile and unlikely to display aggressive behavior unless provoked, a beehive inside your house limits can still have damaging consequences. Bee colonies can be the reason behind many different kinds of structural damage. If bees have constructed their hive inside a wall void or wall cavity, it can grow rapidly and expand in size. If beehive removal is not carried out, eventually it comes into contact with moisture barriers and building felt in your walls, thus corrupting it beyond repair. Apart from these, if a beehive cannot sustain itself and get abandoned, the wax and honey melts and flows onto the surfaces beneath. Over time, this can be cause for dry rot and formation of mold if left untreated through bee removal.

How To Get Rid of Them

Removing Bee Swarm


Usually, for a swarm that has just come in and started making a hive which is no more than one or two days old, extermination of the swarm for beehive removal can be a viable option. While it is not a humane method of bee removal, some homeowners might opt to have the swarm exterminated by the use of insecticides and the remnants of the nascent hive cleaned. If the hive has progressed beyond a certain point, bee removal will involve conserving both the lives of the bees and the honey that has collected inside as well as beehive removal. It is also a more compassionate approach to the problem.

Why You Need A Professional For Large Bee Hives

The removal of large, complete bee hives is an elaborate process. Beehive removal involves the use of specialized equipment, protective gear that is made specifically for the job, and an innate understanding of the nuances involved. For this reason, it is extremely important that bee removal be handled by professionals such as Advanced IPM Bee Hive Removal. Such skilled and resourceful companies have the requisite equipment, skills and experience to properly do away with large bee hives and ensure that your house faces no damage.

Growing Bee Hive Problem In Sacramento, Northern CA

Bees and bee hives have always been a problem for residents of Sacramento and they need the best quality of beehive removal service to ensure that hives are removed gently, with skill and precision, causing as little damage as possible. The best way to guarantee good bee removal results is to choose a company that has the experience, resources, and the skills. A company like Advanced IPM Bee Hive Removal  is certainly the one to choose if you have a large bee hive in your house that you want to get rid of.