Eco Advantage Program

These days, people are more environmentally conscious than ever – and for good reason. We all play a part in protecting and preserving the world around us, including all of the planet’s plants and animals. It’s fine to not want pests near you in California or Northern Nevada; given the dangers they pose, they’re better off somewhere else. But it’s important that your chosen pest control solution doesn’t create additional dangers – to you, your pets, or the environment.

At Advanced IPM, in addition to our eco-friendly approach to pest management, we also offer a residential program specifically designed to reduce environmental harms: Eco Advantage.

Why Eco-Friendly Pest Control Is Important

Eco-friendliness is key for many industries, but nowhere is it more important than for pest control. That’s because many traditional pesticide treatments can have negative effects on the world around us. Not only can they contaminate the air we breathe and the food we eat, but some are even capable of causing disease. There have been several instances where the EPA has stepped in to ban certain chemical pesticides, most notably DDT.

How Our Eco Advantage Program Works

We put an emphasis on the environment with everything we do at Advanced IPM. The core of our integrated pest management approach is to reduce any dangers associated with our treatments by using natural products to limit unnecessary exposure to pesticides. However, with our Eco Advantage program, we go a step further. We’ll not only reduce pests, but also any risks associated with our treatments by implementing the industry’s highest standards for low-impact pest management.

Taking a Strategic Approach

Our Eco Advantage program consists of the pro-active strategies and greenest treatments we have. It incorporates our deep understanding of pest biology and ecology, eliminating them with a keen eye for the factors behind infestations. A big focus of this program is effectively inspecting and monitoring pest problems for the most effective management possible. With that in mind, we’ll perform exclusion techniques and reduce conditions that attract pests in the first place.

Limiting the Need for Chemicals

Our scientific approach also allows us to stamp out pests without resorting to toxic chemical treatments. When we apply treatments, we do so only when and where they are needed, and with organic, all-natural products. It’s our aim to select options with as little risk to your health and the environment as possible. Everything is low-impact and non-residual. We’ll also keep a site log and label all of the products that we apply in your home.

Help the Environment – Choose Eco Advantage Today!

When you’re looking for a pest control solution, it’s one thing to get rid of them, but it’s another to do it with minimal damage to the environment. At Advanced IPM, our Eco Advantage program allows us to do both. It’s the most eco-conscious residential pest control service we offer. Do your family – and the environment – a favor and contact us today!