Bird & Bat Control

Pigeon Droppings
Birds readily adapt to our urban environment and have found many areas in which they live in close proximity to humans. Although birds and bats are a natural part of our environment, nesting and roosting close to humans can be a nuisance and health hazard.

Health Risk

Over 60 diseases are associated with birds and their droppings. Salmonella, Histoplasmosis, Encephalitis, and Newcastle Disease are just a few infectious agents associated with birds.

Potential Damage

Bird damage costs millions of dollars a year to buildings, ventilation systems, and machinery. Birds building nests in rain gutters and other drainage systems can cause water backup that can lead to dangerous and costly structural damage. The acidity in bird droppings and urine can eat away at paint making a building look bad and ruining car finishes.

Advanced Integrated Pest Management can protect you and your property from the damage and dangers caused by birds and bats in and around your structure. Our trained technicians will evaluate your problem and come up with a solution for the situation.

We can address your bird and bat problems!

The bird problem will be evaluated for the pressure level. Are the birds nesting in an area causing heavy pressure, or are the birds simply resting occasionally, referred to as “light pressure”? We will consider the bird species and makeup of the building to come up with the best and most and cost-effective solution for your situation.


Advanced Integrated Pest Management uses many products designed to exclude the birds from the areas they are damaging

  • Bird netting made of Polyethylene twine and secured with steel installation hardware can be used to close off large to small areas and create long-term solutions for serious bird problems. Bird netting creates a humane harmless barrier that offers a long-term solution for all pest bird species. Netting can be used over large openings such as parking structures and courtyards or to close off small roof junctions or HVAC units.
  • Stainless steel spikes placed on ledges, pipes, and lights create harmless deterrents that keep birds from where they are not wanted. The discrete spikes prevent birds from landing on ledges
  • Shock Tracks offer a low profile, almost invisible deterrents which teach birds to keep off ledges, signs and roof areas.

Reno Before After

Our trained technicians are experienced in creating custom solutions for birds and bats. Every structure and bird species combination creates unique situations that need to be evaluated so the correct, most cost effective solution is installed for your bird or bat problem.