WDO Inspections

Since most infestations are not detected until evidence appears, termites can slowly and silently be destroying your home or business without you realizing it. The key to discovering the sources of termite infestations start with a thorough inspection. With over 125,000 homes and structures inspected, you can count on our team of professional inspectors to evaluate your problem and recommend the most cost-effective treatment method to eliminate your termite problem.

We provide complete inspection and treatment services for Wood Destroying Pests. During our inspection we will identify whether your property has termites, wood boring beetles, or other forms of wood decay fungi (dry rot). Our inspection will generate a report outlining the appropriate treatment or course of repair which is tailored specifically to your property. Our estimate for repairs is included with each report, and Advanced IPM is able to complete all repairs through our own licensed Contracting Department.

Our Service Team

Our professional team of inspectors and office staff has consistently received the highest ratings in the Real Estate Community. Complete customer satisfaction has always been our goal. At Advanced Integrated Pest Management, our staff is committed to providing a copy of your pest report within 24 to 48 hours.

* The State of California allows a termite inspection report to be valid for 4 months. After 4 months, the State requires a complete new inspection be performed.