While fleas and ticks can both be associated with pets, that isn’t necessarily the case in all structural pest control situations. Ticks are most commonly a problem outdoors, particularly around homes in wooded areas — regardless of whether the family has pets. Because certain ticks can carry Lyme disease, control can be particularly important.

Minimizing harborage by removing brush and overgrowth near structures can help, but certain areas are prone to infestation and will need to be addressed. Areas frequented by pets, such as kennels and yards, should be inspected closely. Vegetation, brush, rock walls, wood piles and other harborage areas should also be considered. Fleas can be introduced to yards from wild animals, but most commonly occur with pets. They will likely be a problem indoors as well if the pets come inside.

Advanced IPM offers vegetation management services to maintain unimproved areas with weeds and various programs for fleas and ticks. Contact us today for a free evaluation of your needs and a quote.