The German cockroach has always ranked among the Top 10 structural pests worldwide, despite the advent of professional pest management products and trends over the decades.

Its common name is misleading, by the way — experts agree this pest probably originated from Asia, not Europe. Adult German cockroaches measure 1/2- to 5/8-inch long and are light brown to tan, except for two dark, parallel stripes on the cover of their heads. Females have broader abdomens than males. These cockroaches are not good fliers; they use their wings like parachutes to break their falls.

German cockroaches are spread from structure to structure, mainly by hitchhiking in boxed or bagged produce, packaged food, clothing, furniture and appliances and thrive in unsanitary conditions. They carry a number of microbial pathogens and can contaminate whatever they touch, including food, dishes and utensils.

Children often suffer asthmatic reactions from respiratory exposure. A female can produce up to 300 to 400 offspring in a lifetime. Adults live about 100 to 200 days. That’s a ton of roaches in no time at all.

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