Bed Bug Heat Remediation

Bedbugs have been a serious problem for people living in Sacramento, Roseville, and Reno, NV lately. Many people have misconceptions about these pesky pests. Check your assumptions against these common myths:

Myth 1: Bed bugs are invisible.

False. When first born, bed bugs are 1mm long, translucent, light in color and are very difficult to find. Progressively, they grow darker and adult bed bugs are reddish brown, oval, non-winged, with several legs and can grow to about 4 to 5 mm - about the size of an apple seed.

Myth 2: Bed bugs are impossible to catch because they are fast.

False. They don't move faster than most insects and if you know where to look and when, you'll find them.

Myth 3: Bed bugs are found only in dirty premises.

False. Unfortunately, bed bugs can't distinguish between the penthouse suite at the Hilton and sketchy Ted's Red Motel. In fact, bed bugs can thrive in clean environments - which include places like hotels, hospitals, in beds, carpets, clothing and upholstery.

Myth 4: You can battle bed bugs with over the counter pesticides.

False. While many over the counter products may kill bed bugs at certain stages, it is important to have a comprehensive program targeted at all life cycles.

Advanced provides the most current and effective methods for bed bug control including Heat Remediation.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments

Most bed bug treatments are extremely tedious, require multiple visits, significant preparation, and use insecticides to control the situation. Bed bugs are growing increasingly pesticide resistant, and there are fewer treatment options available. However, with the use of heat, a bed bug infestation can be eliminated in a short period of time, without the use of chemicals, allowing you to resume normal use of the space quickly.


  • Hotels & Motels
  • Apartments
  • Nursing Homes & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Summer Camps
  • College Dorms
  • Hospitals
  • Furniture Rental Stores
  • Military Barracks



The heat treatment can typically be completed in 1 day and rooms back in use in less than 24 hours.


No chemicals, no toxic fumes, and no residue.


Heat kills the entire life cycle of all insects from eggs to adults.


Heat treat an entire structure or spot treat high infestation zones while other sections of the structure remain operational.